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REMINE project idea originates from the common difficulty in conducting a detailed
analysis, an early identification and an effective prevention of Risks Against Patient Safety (RAPS) when there are several sources of inhomogeneous data - stored in multimedia databases - and a distributed environment with different health care professionals contemporary involved in the clinical pathway of a patient.
REMINE will contribute to the RAPS management process in a local health care system through the definition of a framework architecture, instantiated and validated in a proof-of-concept, enabling a collection and analysis of RAPS-related data, through a semantic approach that allows a fast and secure extraction of data and correlation of the information across several domains.

Rotherham. Third Annual Technical Review
Wednesday, 09 February 2011 12:20

On February 22-23, 2011 in Rotherham, U.K. the representatives of the ReMINE consortium will attend the third Annual Technical Review in order to show to the reviewers and Project Officer the main project results achieved in 2010. The review will be held at the Swinden House Conference Centre.

ReMINE at IFHRO 2010
Monday, 08 November 2010 11:28

A paper about the innovation brought by the approach of ReMINE in clinical risk management and the application of Risk Control Rules in the four pilots has been submitted by MIP and accepted for the IFHRO 2010 Conference held in Milan on November 15-19, 2010. The full title of the paper is Integrating clinical information for real time patient safety management: the ReMINE platform. A poster will be displayed for the whole duration of the conference. The paper can be downloaded here.

Risk monitoring in delivery room: the ReMINE project
Friday, 22 October 2010 09:14

A conference titled "Risk monitoring in delivery room: the ReMINE project" will be held at Sacco Hospital on Octorber 29th, 2010. The conference will be targeted at an audience of obstetricians and midwives and will issue credits valid for the continuous training program of healthcare professionals. Several clinical and patient safety experts from Regione Lombardia hospitals have been invited as speakers. The full program of the conference (in Italian) can be downloaded here.

Milan. Consortium meeting
Monday, 27 September 2010 09:46

On September 30-October 1, 2010 MIP is going to host a global meeting in Milan, Italy: all REMINE partners will be involved. The main topics covered during the meeting are going to be: update of the implementation status, amendment status and administrative issues, organization of the next technical review.